Convenience is king

Why carry cash nowadays when you can slip a thin little plastic card in your wallet that, with the quick flick of the wrist, can get you just about any consumer good your heart desires? Americans pay extra for convenience all the time—paying by phone will add a few bucks to your car insurance bill, and using your debit card will almost always be followed with a “convenience” charge, especially for dining. Use it a few times a week and it adds up. Here is what some Chico businesses charge (or don’t charge) you when you use the ol’ plastic.

Location Charge

Upper Crust 58 cents (No charge for credit; min. $20 purchase)

Peet’s Coffee No charge

Chipotle No charge

Celestino’s 50 cents (No charge for credit; min. $15 purchase)

Moxie’s 40 cents (purchases less than $5)

Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works 50 cents (No charge for credit; min $15 purchase)

Madison Bear Garden No charge

Subway Credit only (no charge at five Chico locations)

Jamba Juice No charge

Aca Taco ATM machine only ($1.50 charge)