Everyone loves nurses

Another Gallup poll, another look into the minds and hearts of our fellow Americans. A poll of 1,002 adults taken Nov. 17 asked, “How would you rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields?” Respondents could pick from very high to very low. The California Nurses Association was so proud at topping the list for the fourth straight year that it sent out a press release about it. Woe be to the much-maligned telemarketers, whom only 7 percent of respondents ranked “very high” or “high” in the ethics department. Also, senators ranked slightly higher than congressmen. At least journalists got 28 percent. The error rate is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Profession ranked very high/high

Nurses 82%

Druggists, pharmacists 67%

Medical doctors 65%

High school teachers 64%

Policemen 61%

Clergy 54%

Funeral directors 44%

Bankers 41%

Accountants 39%

Journalists 28%

Real estate agents 20%

Building contractors 20%

Lawyers 18%

Labor union leaders 16%

Business executives 16%

Stockbrokers 16%

Senators 16%

Congressmen 14%

Advertising practitioners 11%

Car salesmen 8%

Telemarketers 7%