Pumping dollars

In the year since his successful ouster of former California Gov. Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger has continued to raise big bucks, both for his bid for re-election in 2006 and the propositions on the Nov. 8 special election he contrived. So, who continues to cough up dough to the governator, specifically donation recipient No. 126406, Schwarzenegger’s California Recovery Team? First we searched for Chico-based donors and found a couple of low rollers: Chico State teacher and would-be politician Dan Ostrander, giving $5,000, and business development consultant Mary Richey of MTR Enterprises, kicking down a grand. Here are the individuals who gave Schwarzenegger’s fund-raising arm more than $250,000 apiece in just one month’s time: the filing period from Sept. 25 to Oct. 22.

Donor occupation location amount

Dawn Arnall* homemaker Los Angeles $250,000

board chair, Hughes B. Wayne Public Storage Inc. Glendale $1 million

Jerry Perenchio Living Trust, Chartwell Partners LLC businessman Los Angeles $1.5 million

Dr. Ann Johnson self-employed Hillsborough $250,000

Shawn P. Lampman real estate broker Las Vegas, NV $250,000

Boone Pickens CEO, BP Capital Dallas, TX $500,000

William Robinson retired Tetonia, ID $1.25 million

CEO, Dreyer’s Gary T. Rogers Ice Cream Oakland $250,000

Arnold Schwarzenegger governor Santa Monica $4.25 million

president, Alex G. Spanos Spanos Companies Stockton $1.5 million

Christy Walton† homemaker Bentonville, AR $250,000

* Arnall is the wife of billionaire Roland Arnall, ambassador to the Netherlands and big-time Bush contributor.

† Named the sixth richest American by Forbes, with a net worth of $15.7 billion, Walton is an heir to the Wal-Mart throne.