Tracking tricks and treats

If the latest consumer survey is any guide, expect to see Harry Potter trying to get it on with Paris Hilton at your Halloween party this year. The study, conducted for the Macerich Company last September, asked 4,345 consumers in four different U.S. regions all sorts of questions about what they are planning for Halloween, including which celebrity or fictional character they plan to dress as. The results are eerie, macabre, spooky and strange.

• Top choice for type of costume: Scary/Evil witch or demon: 25%

• Percent of those who will buy a costume vs. make one: 39.6% vs. 24.1%

• Top three costume inspirations: Harry Potter (21%); Star Wars (18.3%); Fantastic Four (12.1%)

• Top three celebrity costumes: Paris Hilton (17.3%); Michael Jackson (16%); Jessica Simpson (12.7%)

• Percent of respondents who say one is never too old to trick-or-treat: 40%

• Top three favorite treats: chocolate (48.8%); money (14.8%); chewy candy (9.5%)

• Top three slasher movie villains: Freddy Krueger (18.3%); Jason (15.1%); Michael Myers (10.4%)

• Percentage of males vs. females who will wear a costume to work: 16.6% vs. 21.3%

• How many respondents plan to wear a costume at all: 38.3%

• Trick-or-Treat participation, South vs. West: 49% vs. 33%

• Halloween participation on basis of income: 200K+ (73%) vs. $60-75K (57%) vs. under $30K (65%)