Wake up and smell the coffee

A town just can’t have too many Starbucks Coffee shops, can it? All over the world, from the United Kingdom (278 shops) to Beijing (60 shops), the coffee that put Seattle on the map is brewed and served to anxious customers looking for that jittery jolt. (Oddly, there are no Starbucks in Central or South America, presumbly because of Juan Valdez’s stronghold there.) Chico currently has eight shops, with one to be built near where JB’s Bar and Restaurant is about to be torn down. Rumors are also circulating among local Starbucks employees that three more Starbucks are slated for Chico’s future.

Location address

1. Downtown 246 Broadway

2. Safeway 690 Mangrove

3. Nord & Hwy 32 995 Nord Ave.

4. Albertsons 146 W. East Ave.

5. East & Cohasset 2471 Cohasset Road

6. 20th & Forest 2009 Forest

7. Safeway 1366 East Ave.

8. Barnes & Noble 2031 Whitman Ave.

9. Vallombrosa* 392 Vallombrosa

10. North Cohasset† Lassen and Cohasset

11. Skyway† near Italian Cottage

12. North Esplanade† near Sunset Hills Golf course

* to be constructed

† rumored as sites for future construction