Tobacco stocks are a popular choice for profit-minded investors, but a group of socially minded students at Chico State University is mobilizing an effort to get the University Foundation, the Research Foundation and the Associated Students to divest their portfolios of these companies. Since tobacco corporations control so many smaller companies, the average consumer may not be aware that his or her Cream of Wheat is going to boost Philip Morris’ bottom line. Here’s a partial list of what the cigarette giant, whose parent company recently changed its name to Altria Group, owns, as compiled by the California Medical Association Foundation with tobacco tax funds.

brand names drinks treats other food

Jell-O Miller beer Altoids Raisin Bran

Kool-Aid Capri Sun Life Savers Cheez Whiz

Knudsen’s Kraft Tang Toblerone cottage cheese

General Foods Philadelphia Nabisco coffee Chips Ahoy! cream cheese

Starbucks Baker’s Post beans, grounds Nutter Butters chocolate

Oscar Meyer Henry Weinhard’s Wheat Thins Zwieback

Maxwell House Sanka Cool Whip Knox gelatins