Politics of choice

As the political pendulum on the issue of abortion begins to swing back to the right, we offer the voting records of our state representatives on such matters. Five reproductive-rights-related bills are now headed through the legislative process: AB561 was designed to assure that four teen pregnancy prevention programs were protected by law and maintained into the future; AB996 would prevent insurance companies from cancelling or refusing to renew coverage for clinics involved in an “anti-reproductive hate crime"; SB71 unifies high-school sex education classes, requiring they be comprehensive, medically accurate and free of bias; SB490 expands access to emergency contraception without a prescription; and SB937 streamlines licensing requirements for community clinics and encourages a stronger relationship between the clinics and the Department of Health Services. In most cases, the “no” votes were part of a single-digit minority.

Assembly AB561 AB996 SB71 SB490 SB937

Rick Keene (R-Chico) no no no no no

Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) no no no no no


Sam Aanestad (R-Grass Valley) no no no no yes