Shooting ruled accidental

District Attorney says Paradise Police officer didn’t pull trigger on purpose

When Paradise Police Officer Patrick Feaster shot the driver of a vehicle after it overturned on Pearson Road, it was by accident, according to preliminary findings of the Butte County Officer-Involved Shooting Task Force.

The incident occurred around midnight on Nov. 25, and was captured on Feaster's dashcam video. Feaster followed an SUV as it sped away from the Canteena with no headlights on before crashing and overturning. One of the occupants—Darien Ehorn, 23—was ejected from the vehicle and killed. The other, Andrew Thomas, 26, was climbing out of the SUV when Feaster shot him in the neck, according to a Butte County District Attorney's Office press release.

Feaster reportedly drew his weapon believing Thomas was attempting escape. Thomas remains hospitalized, with vehicular manslaughter charges pending.