Taking the council to task

Local watchdog alleges Chico panel violated the Brown Act, again

Earlier this month, local political watchdog Jessica Allen proved she's not finished keeping the Chico City Council on its toes when she filed another letter alleging the panel hasn't been following the Ralph M. Brown Act, the state's open meetings law.

The cease-and-desist letter, filed Nov. 12, outlines four ways in which Allen says the council has violated the Brown Act: by holding a special meeting without posting a notice online; failing to disclose items to be discussed in closed session at a prior open meeting; failing to reconvene in an open meeting after closed session; and failing to properly describe closed-session agenda items. The council has 30 days to reply.

In August of last year, Allen filed a similar cease-and-desist letter alleging other violations. She received an “unsatisfactory” response from the council, which denied any wrongdoing.