Often during this time of year, I find myself pushing against the weather, searching for upbeat grooves and pop sounds to elevate my mood. However, there can be something cathartic about digging into the darkness, and on Shadowland, Ora Cogan provides the perfect soundtrack for it. The West Coast folkateer has put together a mix of sparse, earthy tunes that feel like cold, bare-bone woods. Songs like “Too Long” and “Ruler of My Heart” have a strength that comes from their minimal arrangements; simple strumming and an easy beat form a feathery bed for Cogan’s eerie vocal melodies to rest on. The heavy reverb and long, legato vocal tones have a dreamy quality similar to the beloved dream-pop crew Mazzy Star. Though “Move” pulls into a slightly upbeat, Americana drawl, the overall tone of the album feels perfect for this time of year; dark and still, with something very delicate breaking through.