With a pulsating distorted synthesizer, the sound that has proven this DJ duo’s signature, the Chainsmokers not only intro’d last year’s single “Roses” but also opened the door to a highly anticipated 2016. Would more tracks follow? An album? They eschewed an LP, but the hits kept coming: the Daya collab “Don’t Let Me Down” and chart-topping Halsey duet “Closer.” Those are two of the five songs on the EP Collage, which also features the springtime single “Inside Out” (with Swedish singer Charlee), September single “All We Know” (Phoebe Ryan) and current single “Setting Fires” (XYLO). It’s a strong set, even when skipping the radio-overplayed tunes. Female vocalists drive all the tracks; each brings a different sonic and emotional quality. The Chainsmokers bring the electronica as well as a knack for crafting music that hovers on the periphery of pop, yet sounds distinct. If Collage is a measure, the Chainsmokers’ trajectory remains on the rise.