See ya

A farewell to readers

I’m moving on. Sometimes you just know when it’s time to break a new trail for yourself. I felt like that when I tried to get out of Chicago the first time, in 1982. I got as far as Palisades State Park, near Garretson, South Dakota, on a bicycle. Gravity pulled me back to Chicago for another three years, when a way to make a living in Minnesota found me.

The current situation is nothing like that, and I’m not following a dream so much as being evicted. This space on the back page of the Chico News & Review has been declared hazardous and will no longer be devoted to From the Edge, which can now be found at—please, pass the word.

I remember saying many years ago that I wanted to sell my thoughts. I didn’t know then what that meant, and yet writing this column has obviously let me do exactly that. Boy, am I ever grateful. I’ve been reading some of the old ones, and they often still make me laugh, which is as good as it gets.

When Tom Gascoyne asked me in ’05 if I’d be interested in writing a monthly column, I said no, although I would do one biweekly, because that way I thought I might be able to build a readership. That’s what happened, and for over a year From the Edge alternated with The Culture Vulture. When The Culture Vulture was plucked, I started writing every week and have mostly kept at it since. I came to loathe that relentless deadline, although it keeps me limber and I plan to continue writing weeklyish. I’ll also keep doing commentary on KZFR.

I’ve been fired several times, and this time wasn’t bad. I once announced my resignation over the company public address system, which pleased me to no end and can’t hold a candle to being able to say goodbye to you like this. The last few years have been hard for me and my family, and I deeply appreciate the compassion and generosity my readers have shown to us.

What I’ll miss most is the occasional one of you Gentle Readers politely introducing yourself and letting me know that somebody appreciates what I’m trying to do, even when I’m not sure what that is. I like that, and without my mug in the paper every blooming week I expect that’ll taper off. Anyway, thank you for your attention. Namaste.