Season of the witch

Keep it long and strong.
I don’t want to tip my hand too much on the upcoming Johnnies, but I have to give a big shout out to some of the great talent that is circulating through town these days. The Cootdog Project has really impressed me with their upbeat lyrical content and consistently funky downbeats. The Project really has it all. The band features the slaphappy bass styling of Chris Henderson (Electric Circus) and the sonic metal shredding of Matt Baldoni (Warcry). Sounds weird on paper, but combined with other solid players and fronted by Cootdog and the beautiful Nikki Sierra, the Project is really ripping it up.

And speaking of Chris Henderson, somebody has got to spread the word that we have a local treasure playing bass. Sure, Les Claypool can sing in strange voices, but for my money Henderson is a vital force here and will soon have presence in a bigger scene. Besides Circus and the Cootdog Project, Henderson also lays it down with local reggae greats Mystic Roots. The Roots also features some smooth vocal tracks.

Chico has produced some bands that have (had) great harmonies, The Mother Hips, Spark ‘n’ Cinder, Ten Pound Brown, Jordhuga, Puddle Junction (just kidding) and now Buffalo Creek. These guys belt out three-part sonic gestures just like they’re tipping their hats. But even more surprising are the great voices emerging from the indie-rock scene. Lil’ Suicide Bunny, Shabby Car and other Boat Drag bands are coming forth that feature more than just emo-core tunes and shrieking guitars. It’s cool to see that it’s “hip” to sing again.

And between Byrd Cage Productions and Marshall Elliot, we are now in the midst of the largest metal hardcore scene Chico has ever boasted! Now, this type of music might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who like to headbang these are glory days. You can see Anti-Crisis (and Hit by a Semi and AntFarm) in the park on Oct. 24 for the last outdoor show downtown for 2001!

This Saturday, Oct. 20, there are so many benefits happening that our local dollars will be spread thin. You can support the local community center, The Poe fire victims or the Red Cross relief fund. I just got off the phone with my NYC relatives, and they said they have enough money, so keep it local and remember that you make a difference! Without you getting out and seeing local bands, what’s the point!