School, church burglar arrested

Man linked to 15 burglaries of local schools, churches and other businesses

A man police have linked to 15 burglaries of schools, churches and businesses was arrested on Monday (March 16) after a short foot chase.

Over the past few weeks, Chico police have investigated a string of burglaries at area schools and churches in which the burglar often caused extensive damage. “Officers were at a loss to explain the senseless vandalism and damage caused during many of the burglaries,” according to a Chico Police Department press release.

Detectives developed a lead on March 10, when the suspect of a burglary at Madison Bear Garden was captured by the restaurant’s video surveillance. An image of the alleged burglar was identified as 28-year-old Kyle Jacob Hubbard, whom police described as a transient. When Hubbard was arrested on Monday (March 16) in north Chico, he was wearing a Madison Bear Garden T-shirt, one of the items stolen from the business. Police also say they’ve matched Hubbard’s fingerprints to those found at the scene of a burglary at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.