Rule the Web

Mark Frauenfelder

While a lot of the pages in Mark Frauenfelder’s new book Rule the Web may be old news and the stuff of unthinking habit among more savvy Web surfers, to the lumpen masses the book is a ripping instruction manual for the sort of new frontier. And as the founder of the gadget-happy Web site BoingBoing (itself the stuff of morning-coffee scrolling), Frauenfelder is an easygoing guide with an easy-to-grasp style. From browsing to shopping to media to maintenance, Frauenfelder explains the shortcuts and easy fixes. Along the way, he shows how to build a ready-to-go Web site in less than 10 minutes, how to crack recalcitrant programs to make them user friendly, how to tweak your iPod and iPhone to do exactly what you want them to do, or: “How to do anything and everything on the Internet—better, faster, easier.” This is a must-keep-within-hand’s-reach manual that doesn’t overstate with its blurb. Even old hands will find plenty to bookmark.