Made Love, Got War

Norman Solomon

Nearly all books nowadays that dare confront the daunting problems facing humanity seem invariably obligated to offer optimistic “solutions,” regardless of how deep the doo; not so with this book. As the title suggests, little has changed: We have a deceptive and secretive president, prolonging a pointless war without end, as we did four decades ago. Author/syndicated columnist Norman Solomon wonders aloud whether his investigative journalism has made any difference, and concludes that, alas, it hasn’t. Accounts of his early activism while still a teenager (which triggered FBI surveillance), through his anti-Vietnam War and anti-nuke years are interesting, as is his noble but futile effort in glasnost Moscow to convince the American ambassador to match the Soviet’s unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing; or his two trips to Iraq in 2002 to somehow prevent the current inexorable catastrophe in the country. To be fair, this book is more a memoir than a treatise pretending to solve the world’s problems, but I wanted more reflection and integration of “what it all means,” as well as, yes, possible solutions, and a light for the way out.