Mr. Skin’s Skintastic Video Guide

Mr. Skin

I’m a film buff, so I’ve seen plenty of films with stars in the buff. But I haven’t seen as many as Jim McBride, aka Mr. Skin, whose Web site and books are the IMDB of nakedness. His latest volume, subtitled The 501 Greatest Movies for Sex and Nudity on DVD, covers flicks you can find in Blockbuster or Borders, plus some you might just find on Cinemax (Hardbodies, anyone?). Each listing has tallies of nude shots by body part and actress, then a quick description. Factoids and charts fill up the blank spots. There are pictures, but nothing titillating—just movie posters—so Mr. Skin is also Mr. Irony with his PG-13 book of R and NC-17 movies. (Guess he saved the screen-grabs for the Internet.) Anyway, if you’re someone who can’t judge a DVD by its cover, leaf through the Skintastic Video Guide. Mr. Skin only ranks his top 69, but when No. 1 is Showgirls, who wants to know No. 501?