Lisey’s Story

Maine’s harbinger of horror has created a surprisingly tender love story within a romantic thriller. Author Scott Landon passes away, leaving his widow Lisey behind to deal with crazed fans—particularly academic “Incunks”—salivating for his unpublished material. Forced to unearth Scott’s past along with his papers, Lisey uncovers the nightmare that was her husband’s childhood. An enchanted story filled with treasure hunts both good and bad, mental illness, the secret world of Boo’ya Moon and a mysterious thing called the Long Boy. The similarities to the characters in the story and those in King’s real life are obvious (location, occupation, Tabitha and Lisey’s sisters) except the Landons have no children. As with Misery, King shows readers what frightens him. A sort of genre change for the writer, Lisey’s Story blends surreal terror and beauty with the reality of a long-term intense love, while questioning sanity and its varying degrees. Anyone who has been in a lengthy relationship will find the extensive use of “couplespeak” poignant, if not slightly annoying. Yes, love is stronger than death.