Rough day for CPD

Distraught woman shoots herself in from of Chico police officers

A couple of Chico police officers had a rough evening Sunday (Dec. 19) when they responded to a call about a distraught woman.

According to a Chico Police Department press release, dispatch received a call from a citizen who was worried that a friend might harm herself. Two officers arrived at the woman’s south Chico home minutes later to check on her.

As the officers made their way up the walkway to the front door, the woman came outside and faced them. The officers were in the midst of asking the woman how she was doing when she raised a gun to her head and immediately pulled the trigger.

The officers rushed to her aid, but the woman succumbed to her injuries shortly after arriving by ambulance to Enloe Medical Center. Sgt. Rob Merrifield says the officers were sent home for the day and have an opportunity to speak with a counselor. In certain situations, counseling is mandatory.

The woman’s name was not released by press time.