Rockin’ spider

New arachnid species named after David Bowie

Photo courtesy of Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

A newly discovered large, hairy yellow spider has been named after Brit-pop superstar David Bowie.

Scientists christened the arachnid Heteropoda davidbowie (pictured) in honor of Bowie’s early ’70s album (and cult phenomena) The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

The eight-legged Bowie was found in Malaysia. Peter Jäger, who discovered the spider, said he hopes naming it after the rock idol will bring the public’s attention to the perils facing the species, reported The Observer.

Bowie isn’t the first rock star to have a species named in his honor. A species of crustacean is named after the late Freddie Mercury of Queen. Other celebrities have had the tribute, too. Harrison Ford has a spider and ant named after him.