Students walk the walk

A.S. makes a commitment to divert 90 percent of its waste

Chico State’s Associated Students made a bold statement this week by pledging to become a Zero Waste organization by 2015.

The commitment requires that at least 90 percent of the waste generated by the student-government organization be diverted from landfills. The Bell Memorial Union, the A.S.-owned facility, has a current diversion rate of 65 percent.

Achieving the goal will take stepping up the organization’s already successful recycling, reusing and composting practices. According to recycling coordinator Eli Goodsell, educating the public is a key component.

A.S. is the only student organization in the California State University system to make the Zero Waste commitment. Student officials hope the pledge will encourage not only student leaders elsewhere, but also the administrators of each of the campuses, including Chico State.