Revocation plays metal that’s complex and brutal—riffs that slice and dice, drumming that defies logic, larynx-shredding vocals—and memorable. The Boston, Mass., four-piece’s self-titled second album for Relapse continues the melodic-thrash onslaught that began with 2008’s Empire of the Obscene—that is, the band still operates with a surgeon’s precision while allowing lots of blood to spill. The band doesn’t dick around with atmosphere, instead going full-speed throughout the album’s 10 cuts. But within that speed-freak intensity there are plenty of knotty twists and turns. “Arch Fiend” finds groove and death metal lurking on the same corner, while “The Gift You Gave” delivers the chugs and gallops of classic American thrash. There’s even banjo on “Invidious,” which pairs well with the song’s shout-along chorus. And guitarist/vocalist David Davidson unleashes some truly godless vocals atop the mayhem. The fact that Revocation can fold familiar metal tricks into something new is a testament to how good these guys really are. Being technical is one thing. Carving your own name (preferably in virgin skin) is what makes metal sharp.