Leading the sheeple to slaughter

I went to the recent Chico Planning Commission meeting about medical cannabis. Paranoia ruled in the race to criminalize behavior.

After learning what other cities have done, highly paid Chico government staff had put together a set of different levels of restriction, illustrated by maps complicated into obtuseness, that were designed to hinder, isolate and restrict the distribution of medicine.

The federal government’s campaign against marijuana was a lie from start to finish, and sheeple still act like pot’s a harmful drug— they just can’t believe that they’re that wrong. Elvis lives, and there actually were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just invisible ones.

The lynchpin of the war on drugs and the catalyst for billions of dollars in income for government employees for decades is now legal for some people because it has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that pot is a valuable medicine for a wide range of ailments. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Even the American Medical Association admitted that cannabis deserves further study, which for the AMA is sobbing hysteria. The sheeple are against it anyway.

The biggest fear comes from imaginary illegal activity near places that have a lot of cannabis on the premises, either growing or ready for use. If that happens after there are dispensaries and big grows in Chico, I’m betting the illegal activity will be because of money, and that’s already everywhere. Regardless, if something untoward happens, our beneficent protectors could check it out and decide what to do about it then. At the meeting, the sheeple focused on what they were afraid of, e.g., an innocent daycare child seeing people who use marijuana. It was like, OMG.

When I reached my limit, Jon Luvaas, John Merz and the sheeple seemed to have agreed on no dispensaries within 300 feet of a daycare facility, since children are susceptible to the lure of marijuana or piercing of stray bullets, but only at close range. I’m guessing each dispensary will have to be approved anyway, so the proximity rule is just suppression for its own sake, the theme of Chico government’s approach to marijuana, as far as I can tell. We’ll start out restrictive and then we’ll just see. Maybe we’ll loosen up later, and maybe we won’t. Totalitarianism masquerades as caution. Have I mentioned personality profiles for all public officials?

“[Marijuana] ruined [my friend’s] life” was a high point for me. Judging a life good or bad, successful or ruined, is hard to top. So, 300 feet.

Legalizing marijuana will plunge government satraps, bureaucrats, and goons throughout cannabis culture, from a plant on the balcony to hugegantic industrial grows. I’m starting to miss the old days already.