Reporters take flight

Nitin Lal and Cindy Nixon depart Chico

Two of the familiar faces on KHSL and KNVN TV’s Action News are moving out of Chico and out of the world of television journalism.

The effervescent Nitin Lal, who started his tenure behind the scenes as the producer of the morning Wake-Up show about four years ago, spent his last day with the station on Friday (Oct. 2). Lal is a general-assignment reporter probably best known for his “On Your Side” consumer-advocate reporting. News Director Trisha Coder said he’s returning to his home town of San Francisco to pursue some other career interests.

The spunky Cindy Nixon, another general-assignment reporter who joined the station nearly two years ago, will depart at the end of the month. She’s headed to Washington, D.C., to pursue her dream of becoming a press secretary, Coder explained.