Removing mountain lions non-lethally

CDFW documents a drop in the number of cougars killed since February

The number of mountain lions killed in California has dropped significantly since February, when the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) implemented a policy allowing for more non-lethal options when it comes to the presence of the big cats in populated areas.

In May, for example, a mountain lion fell into a culvert in Santa Cruz and couldn’t jump out; he was tranquilized, rather than killed, and released into the Soquel Demonstration State Forest, according to a CDFW press release.

“Sometimes you can find a mountain lion … in an unusual location otherwise behaving normally,” said CDFW Law Enforcement Chief Mike Carion. “It isn’t always a threat to public safety. … We are pleased that this policy allows us to evaluate each situation carefully and to choose a solution which allows a co-existence between humans and wildlife while allowing discretion to act when there is a public-safety issue.”