Readers’ picks

Best bartender: Jeremy Cass of LaSalles

Best bartender: Jeremy Cass of LaSalles

Photo By Tom Angel

Goods & Services

Best gift store

Bird in Hand

2. Zucchini & Vine

3. Calico Goose

Best nursery/ garden store


2. Lowe’s

3. Fostine’s

Best hardware store


2. Home Depot

3. Lowe’s

Best place to buy a new/used car


2. New Auto Inc.

3. Courtesy Motors

Best new/ used record store


2. The Underground

3. Melody Records

Best computer store

Best Buy

2. Computers Plus

3. PCI Computer Services

Best florist

Christian & Johnson

2. San Francisco Flowers

3. Jan’s Custom Flowers

Best bike shop

Pullins Cyclery

2. Sports LTD

3. Campus Bikes

Nicolas Rush works at S&S Produce, winner in the “Best place to buy specialty foods” category.

Photo By Tom Angel

Best thrift store


2. Salvation Army

3. Thrifty Bargain

Best home furnishings

Austin’s Home Furnishings

2. Pier 1

3. McMahan’s

Best place to buy a tie

Men’s Wearhouse

2. Corwin & Sons

3. Gottschalks

Best place to buy women’s jeans

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge

2. Old Navy

3. Mervyn’s

Best place to buy shoes


2. Heel and Sole

3. Payless Shoe Source

Best bookstore

Barnes & Noble

2. The Bookstore

3. A.S. Bookstore

Best video selection

All the Best

2. Blockbuster

3. Hollywood Video

Best place to buy specialty foods

S&S Produce

2. Chico Natural Foods

3. Cost Plus Foods

Best hair salon/ barbershop



3. Trends 4 Hair

Chico Rooks midfielder Calum Robertson and Sean O’Brian of the Utah Salt Ratz battle for the ball. Rooks games were voted best sporting event.

Photo By Tom Angel

Best motel

Oxford Suites

2. Holiday Inn

3. Matador

Best place to buy fishing gear


2. Fisherman’s Cove

3. The Tackle Box

Best place to buy tires

Les Schwab

2. Costco

3. America’s Tire

Food & Drink

Best takeout


2. Provisions Catering

3. Windy’s

Best burger

Burger Hut

2. Nobby’s

3. In-n-Out

Best dessert


2. Upper Crust

3. Jon & Bon’s

Best pizza


2. Left Coast Pizza

3. Woodstock’s

Best bakery

Upper Crust

2. Great Harvest

3. Mim’s

Best buffet

Hometown Buffet

2. Hula’s

Joe Bowman flips the best burgers at Burger Hut.

Photo By Tom Angel

3. China Star

Best Mexican food

La Hacienda

2. Casa Ramos

3. Aca Taco

Best Asian food

Happy Garden

2. Rawbar

3. Turandot

Best Italian food

Sicilian Café

2. Italian Cottage

3. Olive Garden

Best vegetarian food

Grilla Bites

2. Shadetree (now closed)

3. Kramore Inn

Best breakfast

Morning Thunder Café

2. Sin of Cortez

3. Cory’s

Best lunch

Black Crow

2. Cory’s

3. Jasco’s

Best fine dining

5th Street Steak House

2. Black Crow

3. Red Tavern

Best coffee house

Naked Lounge and Bidwell Perk (tie)

2. Peet’s

3. Moxie’s

Best new restaurant (within last year)

Grilla Bites

2. Thai House

Jan Bielfelt does her show, Oceans of Rock, at Community Radio KZFR 90.1, voted best radio station.

Photo By Tom Angel

3. The Bean Scene

Best cheap eats

La Comida

2. Aca Taco

3. Taco Bell


Best bar


2. LaSalles

3. Joe’s Bar

Best place to dance


2. Mr. Lucky

3. Crazy Horse

Best place to hear live music


2. The Brick Works

3. Riff Raff

Best bartender

Jeremy Cass (LaSalles)

2. Troy Mischell (Black Crow)

3. Mike Stearns

Best place to play pool

Team Players

2. The Graduate

3. The Brick Works


Best place to get a workout

In Motion Fitness

2. Fit One

3. Chico Sports Club

Best playground

Caper Acres

2. Hooker Oak

3. Wildwood Park

Best swimming hole

Voters chose perky Wake Up! anchor Rob Blair as best local personality.

Photo By Tom Angel

Bear Hole

2. One Mile (Sycamore Pool)

3. Salmon Hole

Best sporting event

Chico Rooks games

2. Almond Bowl

3. Wildflower Century bike race


Best neighborhood

The Avenues

2. Chapman

3. California Park

Best radio station

KZFR 90.1

2. Club 96.7

3. 107.5

Best rumor

Trader Joe’s is coming

2. Krispy Kreme is coming

3. Macy’s is coming

Best local band


2. Greg Scott and Brownhouse (tie)

3. Goldmine

Best local personality

Rob Blair

2. Coleen Jarvis, Tim Buckmore and John Shea (tie)

3. Moriss Taylor

Best art gallery


2. Dovetail

3. 1078 Gallery and Thomas Kinkade Gallery (tie)

Best theater company

Blue Room

2. Tinseltown

3. Chico Caberet and Shakespeare in the Park (tie)

Best thing about Chico

Bidwell Park

2. The people

3. The trees