It grows on you

Upon first arriving in Chico from New Jersey, I sincerely doubted my decision to move here. Oy, what had I gotten myself into? My complaints ranged from the open spaces to the slower pace of life. The relaxed atmosphere on the roads of Chico seemed unbelievable to one from the East, where the motto is, “Drive everywhere and get there fast.” I hadn’t seen a bird since moving here (and I’m not talking about the kind ornithologists study).

I now find it refreshing and comforting to be in a place that is safe and (mostly) free from fingers being flipped and horns being beeped and angry words being shouted.

I was frustrated by the wide-open spaces that at first made me feel small and insignificant. I now enjoy the nature that surrounds Chico, the yet-untamed wilderness that abounds. Canyons, the river, the creeks and buttes have woven their magic spell around me, and I miss them when I leave.

Chico has given me an opportunity to slow down and appreciate a less hectic pace of life and the chance to be closer to nature while living in a city with small-town benefits (parades, concerts in the park, walks, locally owned stores). The best of Chico is Chico. It is inherently wonderful. I used to kvetch about Chico being my pain in the tuchis, but I now find Chico to be hella awesome, fer sure.