My Chico life

I was born in Oroville, and my husband was born in Chico. We’ve lived here most of our lives, and we’ve been together for 42 years.

How can I single out one special time in my life concerning Chico? I have had and still have many, many friends here. I met, fell in love with and married my husband here. Our first child was born at Enloe Hospital in January 1962.

I’ve seen Chico grow beyond what we ever thought possible. All the swimming holes through the years have changed with each winter. I remember having family picnics at One Mile next to the bathhouse and near the snack bar.

We used to go to the movies at the Senator Theater during the 1950s and afterwards buy hamburgers at Cal’s (next door) on a Saturday, 10 for a dollar. As children we bought ice cream sandwiches from the cart in the Downtown Plaza Park.

My husband’s uncle was an extra in the original movie The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn. I was an extra in the movie about Ruby Ridge, On Bended Knee.

We attend the most fabulous church here and love all our members. We’re truly blessed! My life is the single best thing about Chico for me!