Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

Aye Jay

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You knew it was coming. Adding to a repertoire that already includes the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, Indie Rock Connect-the-Dots and the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book, Chico artist Aye Jay Morano continues his music-genre “kids” book series with this tribute to old-school punk rock. With a foreword by American Hardcore author Steven Blush, Aye Jay’s latest filters a collection of mostly ’70s and ’80s punk artists through a variety of activity-book games: “Draw Yourself as a Member of Devo,” “Make Your Own CBGB’s Bathroom Graffiti,” plus a variety of connect-the-dots, trivia games, word searches and coloring pages. My favorites are the “Punk Libs,” where you can make your own versions of the Stooges’ “Now I Wanna Be Your Dog” or the Dead Kennedys’ “California Über Alles.” I also love when Aye Jay’s sense of humor comes through, like with the “Color the Ramones” and “Color Nirvana” pages, where, like good punks, the band members are wearing so much black that there’s just enough white space to put some blue and grey in the Ramones jeans and some dirt in Kurt Cobain’s hair. What’s next? The Bebop Pop-up Book? Math Rock Sudoku? Choose Your Own Outlaw Country Adventure? The possibilities are endless.