The Templars: The Secret History Revealed

Barbara Frale

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If you’ve decided to extend your knowledge of the history of the Templar Knights beyond their representation in Indiana Jones’ adventures with the Holy Grail, then you’ve chosen wisely. Author Barbara Frale does more than give a comprehensive look at this religious order; she also provides the final piece to the historical puzzle. As a Vatican Secret Archives historian, Frale discovered the missing Chinon Parchment, which details the trial of the Templar leaders that leads to their downfall. For those well-versed in medieval history, this essential nail in the coffin will be exciting. For the rest of us, the meat of the book will prove far more interesting. Frale’s examination of an order created to protect occupying Christian forces in Jerusalem reveals a unique group of religious figures. Known for their discipline, religious devotion and excellence on the battlefield, the Templars came to be one of the strongest political, social and economic forces in the world. Without dwelling on the myths and legends, Frale is still able to weave a tale of a secret society that would make Henry Jones proud.