Praise to Weird Chico

Let us celebrate those who keep the wolves of boredom at bay

All right Chico, you bunch of freaks! You (and we) loved last year’s Keep Chico Weird issue so much that we’ve brought it back.

This year, we’re featuring two groups that are responsible for some of the most eclectic artistic offerings in Chico. And in addition to the creative spirit and passion for making art in a wide range of disciplines that they bring, both Chikoko and the Uncle Dad’s Arts Collective have another very important trait in common: They’ve figured out the secret formula to success in creative endeavors in Chico. They realize that, first, anything that you dream up, you can do. Chico makes it easy. We crave creative expression and we love to party, so the wilder and weirder the better! Second, they treat making art like running a business. They have organized plans, they publicize, and they produce their own shows. Third, they realize the importance of collaboration. Many hands make short work and make for a professional production.

We thank them and all of the rest of you beautiful, brave, unique people for keeping Chico weird.