Poop patrol

Environmentally responsible ways to dispose of dog poop

Hey, dog owners, how do you dispose of your dog’s poop? Here are four ways of responsibly getting rid of canine waste. If you just let it sit on the ground where it dropped, rain can cause bacteria (such as E. coli, giardia and salmonella) to run off from it into the ground; plus, it will also attract flies and rats.

Place the waste in plastic bags. Since a vast majority of plastic bags are made of petrochemicals and do not degrade, look for a high-quality biodegradable bag that does not degrade into a plastic powder that is not good for the environment.

• Scoop up Fido’s poop and put it directly into the trash can. Using a biodegradable plastic liner is a good idea if you choose this route.

Scoop, carry and flush dog poop down the toilet. Put it a reusable container and haul it to the toilet for flushing. (Of course you’ll want to wash the container on a regular basis.)

Bury or compost poop. Go to www.tinyurl.com/pooppost for information on composting dog waste.