Ditchin’ the commercial ‘poo

A simple, chemical-free way to wash your hair

Have you, out of concern for both the environment and the health of your hair, wondered if there might be a more healthful alternative to commercial shampoos and conditioners? Well, Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan, Grist.org’s “Greenie Pig” columnist swears by a regimen so simple—and so successful—that you’ll wonder why you wasted all that money over the years on commercial hair products. Ready? Baking soda and apple-cider vinegar. That’s it. Kwak-Hefferan’s “desire to avoid the chemicals packed into everyday toiletries, reduce plastic-bottle purchases and old-fashioned thriftiness” led her to the discovery that washing her hair with a paste made from baking soda and water and conditioning it with apple-cider vinegar diluted with a little water left her hair looking and feeling considerably healthier and easier to style than all the shampoos and conditioners she’d ever tried. Her mom, her boyfriend and her friend, Tinaz, tried it and loved it, too.

Go to www.tinyurl.com/glamlocks to read Greenie Pig’s entire article.