Polish with poison

Dangerous chemicals found in mislabeled salon nail-polish brands

A state Department of Toxic Substances Control investigation found some nail polishes used in California salons that claim to be free of the “toxic trio” of chemicals contained dangerous levels of substances linked to birth defects and asthma.

Investigators randomly selected 25 nail polish brands available only at nail salons and found five of seven products claiming to be free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde actually contained one or more of the agents in significant levels, according to The Washington Post. Furthermore, 10 of 12 products claiming to be free of toluene contained it in moderate to dangerously high levels. All three chemicals have been linked to health problems when inhaled regularly.

The report noted that the mislabeled products have the potential to harm thousands of salon employees and customers, as there are more than 48,000 salons in California.