Police find high-end bikes

A man is in custody after officers discover $125,000 worth of bike components

A man from Chico has been arrested for the suspected theft of more than $125,000 in stolen high-end bicycles and bicycle components.

Michael Keith Eosefow, 28, who was arrested on Feb. 19 on a charge of attempted burglary of a residence on Chico Canyon Road, is being held in Butte County Jail in Oroville for a probation violation. Following the arrest, five expensive bicycles were found in Eosefow’s vehicle, prompting a further investigation that led police to a storage locker rented by Eosefow, which contained dozens of custom bicycles. Police said 33 bicycle frames—some valued at $4,000 apiece—have been recovered, along with components to complete them. Officials believe Eosefow has been selling the bikes online.

Police were originally alerted to the case in November, when the five bicycles found in Eosefow’s vehicle were taken from a residence in Chico.