Council considers spending priorities

The process could take months

Tuesday (Feb. 28), with only about 10 members of the public in attendance, the Chico City Council listened to an hour-long report from Assistant City Manager John Rucker on ways the city can prioritize budgeting in these uncertain economic times.

Rucker (pictured) told the council the process, which would involve community input on how and where the city should spend money, would take about four months. He presented interactive online models that allow citizens to record their priorities. He also mentioned a nonprofit consultancy called the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, which helps cities facilitate priority spending. (This type of meeting sparks that kind of language.)

The council meets again to discuss budget matters on March 20 as it prepares for the 2012-13 fiscal year. But its foray into priority-based budgeting will not happen until 2013-14.