Pills, pot and a shotgun

Two Avenues residents arrested for drugs and firearm charges

The Chico Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit confiscated a significant amount of ecstasy and processed marijuana during a bust Friday evening (April 8).

Officers confiscated 700 pills, 3 1/2 pounds of pot, 14 mature plants and a loaded 12-guage shotgun in an apartment on the 600 block of West Second Avenue during a warranted search of the residence, according to a CPD press release.

Residents Zander Crutchfield Jepsen, 23, and Robert Antoin Stargen, 22, were arrested. Both men possess a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana. However, they are alleged to be involved in illegal sales of the drug. Jepsen is also facing a charge of resisting/delaying an officer. Stargen faces the same charge, plus being armed in the commission of a felony, and a probation violation.

The men were booked into Butte County Jail with bail set at $250,000.