Pamper pets and planet

Courtesy Of Sunnica

Many tree-huggers are pet-lovers, too, so it’s only fitting that companies have created eco-conscious options for animal owners. While the products range in price and purpose, there seems to be something geared to most common pets—furry and feathery. Here are a few examples:

For dogs: The Skooperbox (from, a recycled-paper doodle device that’s completely biodegradable, is a bit pricey at about 40 cents a pop. But you’ll have the satisfaction of keeping a lot of plastic bags out of the landfill.

For cats: A hemp and cotton carrier ($69.99 from is not only made of one of the sturdiest and most sustainable fabrics around, it’s also quite fashionable.

Courtesy Of Sunnica

For parrots: Good Stuff Birdie Bread ($9.95 from is a mix of different varieties of flour, spices, seeds and other all-organic ingredients that you bake, along with organic baby food and eggs, to create a healthy treat.