Advice for the green at heart

Courtesy Of Jim Brobeck

Jim Brobeck is the kind of guy who walks the talk when it comes to taking care of the environment. The longtime activist and bicyclist thinks long and hard before setting foot in his car. He spends countless hours every year volunteering with various environmental organizations, working on water-quality and fire-safety issues, just to name a few.

Just last week, Brobeck was honored by the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment for his grassroots environmental stewardship. The $1,000 award, tied to the Anthony Grassroots Prize, will be split between the Butte Environmental Council (BEC) and the Lassen Forest Preservation Group in Brobeck’s name.

In short, Brobeck is the perfect kind of person to look to for advice on simple ways to live sustainably. Here are his top five tips:

1. Get out of the car, and stay out of it as much as possible. Ride bicycles instead, and get them fitted with baskets to carry books, laptops and groceries. Lightweight rain gear makes riding a bike doable in the winter. Another alternative: the B-line buses.

2. Being an environmental advocate is as simple as picking up litter. Groom the public spaces around you; collect the gutter trash on your street or take a bag on your hike in the park.

3. Advocacy by professional environmentalists is necessary to protect our groundwater, watersheds and precious open spaces. Support BEC with a paid membership.

4. Read the local print media’s coverage of environmental trends over the years, and BEC’s quarterly newsletter at The stories can provide history and updates on the evolution of this city and county.

5. Get involved. Our region’s future is guided by local governments composed of colorful, intelligent people.