Out of Range

It is downright refreshing to hear lyrics that spin stories with historical context and incorporate Greek mythology. On Out of Range, Gun Outfit pushes lyrical limits with songs like opener “Ontological Intercourse,” which discusses Ovid’s version of the Orpheus myth (see Metamorphoses). Or there’s “Sally Rose,” which creates a scene featuring St. Augustine, John Ford and Wallace Stevens all stuck together in the Southwest debating the end of the American dream. Its lyrical ambition isn’t pertinent to enjoying this album, however. Sonically, it’s lighthearted, a washed-out easy rock recording with a few psychedelic flourishes. There’s an overall nonchalance akin to Yo La Tengo’s delivery, and there’s also some simplicity in the more clearly defined personal territory, like “Second Decade,” a candid, heartfelt tune about the Los Angeles-based band’s last 10 years together. A decade on, and fresh as ever.