Kid Kruschev

’Tis the season for Sleigh Bells! The ones that come in the form of the Brooklyn-based noise-pop duo who have released their newest, the Kid Kruschev EP, on their very own imprint, Torn Clean. And it’s just as punch-packed and precise as the rest of the band’s catalog. Though only a quick seven tracks, the songs are filled to the brim. Singer Alexis Krauss sonically cartwheels through catchy melodies over producer/guitarist Derek Miller’s tightly wired buzzing and trilling synth and guitars. “Show Me the Door” instantly charges forward, starting with a strong pop-bass pulse, then curving into quick rhythmic sidesteps as Krauss builds her towering choruses. And Miller subtly weaves together electro-pop beats that juxtapose yet flow, stacking five songs into one. The closer, “And Saints,” sits in suspension, riding the air with simple thumping staccato rhythm, ethereal synth layers and Krauss’ sighing vocals. This one deserves year-round rotation.