Themes For a New Earth

You might swear to yourself this record came out months ago, but you’d be thinking of Themes for Dying Earth. This newest collection, Themes for a New Earth, was written during the same time frame, so there is a likeness. For Jamison Isaak, aka Teen Daze, these songs—as the tweak in the title might suggest—come from a more optimistic mindset. Not to say that they’re upbeat, but there’s a sort of breezy, chill wave blowing through them that radiates positivity, specifically on “Wandering Through Kunsthal,” with its unwavering beat and dreamy hook. These tunes have a fluidity, particularly on the layered “On the Edge of a New Age” and “Kilika,” with its silky hooks. There are still plenty of sparse moments, mostly later on the record. “Station” feels like looking at the sky from underwater, with a sort of slowed down, cryptic beauty thanks to Isaak’s synths breathing like string instruments. It’s just as good as its 2017 sister release, but with a little much-needed optimism for these winter days.