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Cyber showdown

I’ve been having some fun on the Web site www.googlefight.com, where you can pit two “rivals” against one another by plugging their names into two search fields. The winner is the one who gets the most hits—sort of an online popularity contest. Previous players have matched Luke Skywalker against Darth Vader, U.S. vs. Iraq, O. J. Simpson vs. Homer Simpson, “pen” vs. “sword” and “googlefight” against “waste of time.”

Here’s a few Chico classics to get you started. I’m not saying they’re all nemeses. The winners’ names are in bold.

Who Against whom
Annie Bidwell [5,620] John Bidwell [37,500]

almonds [344,000] walnuts [265,000]

Chico High School [4,130] Pleasant Valley High School [2,540]

Chico State [36,100] Butte College [11,200]

Bidwell Park [2,850] Central Park [537,000]

President Manuel Esteban [445] Chancellor Charles Reed [1,060]

Lake Oroville [4,680] Shasta Lake [23,900]

Sierra Nevada Brewery [584] Samuel Adams beer [1,390]

Chico News & Review [1,710] Chico Enterprise-Record [3,230]

Ishi [91,100] Geronimo [96,800]

Silver Dollar Fair[323] Butte County Fair [276]

Chico Mall [779] North Valley Plaza [287]

Chico Heat [1,170] Chico State Wildcats [799]

(Chico Mayor) Maureen Kirk [423] (former Mayor) Dan Herbert [818]