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Why buy when you can rent?

I know one crazy couple who actually owns a bubble-blowing machine. For the rest of us, who don’t see everything in life as an investment, there’s renting. You’d be surprised what you can pay someone to lend you for awhile. Be advised, deposits may apply (a whopping $401 for the X-Box.)

Rent this: At: For (per day):

Plumbing snake Guy Rents $35

Tractor Guy Rents $150

Snow chains Guy Rents $12

Bullhorn A & J Party Center $15

Karaoke machine A & J Party Center $100

Fog machine (fluid extra) A & J Party Center $32

Craps table (includes dice and rake) A & J Party Center $35

Faux black marble dance floor (12 feet square) A & J Party Center $175

Plastic salad tongs A & J Party Center $1

Popcorn maker Confetti Party Headquarters $35

Strobe light Confetti Party Headquarters $10

Bunny costume Confetti Party Headquarters $35

Nacho sauce warmer Confetti Party Headquarters $15

4-foot standing bar Confetti Party Headquarters $25

Portable toilet Johnny on the Spot $53.63

Mountain bike North Rim Adventure Sports $35

Kayak North Rim Adventure Sports $35

Fake ficus tree All Star Rents $10.95+

Bingo cards, numbers and drum All Star Rents $20+

Dunk tank All Star Rents $180+

Porta Crib All Star Rents $15.95+

VCR Hollywood Video $5.99

Microsoft X-Box All the Best Video $19.99 (2 nights)

Sony Playstation 2 All the Best Video $14.98 (2 nights)

Harley 2002 Twin Cam 88 Harley-Davidson of Rocklin $135

Cart in Chico Mall Chico Mall $600/mo. + 10% of sales over $5,000

Tent trailer McDonald’s Travel & Fun $50

Evening gown Wedding Gown Rentals Etc. $97.50