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It’s a numbers game

Even the sunniest of economic-development Pollyannas can’t deny the nation is in a serious economic slump. Naturally, the effects have trickled down to Chico. Take a look at how many people these local companies employed back in 2000, compared to now. Some went up, others down—way down. Data were prepared by the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Department for the city’s Economic Profile.

Company—Product—Employees in 2000—Present Employees

Aero Union Corporation—aircraft components—177—205*

Bi-Tech Software, Inc.—computer software—200—155

Blue Shield—insurance—110—70

Costco—wholesale merchandise—189—145

Food 4 Less—groceries—140—120

Koret of California—clothing distributor—232—320*

Landacorp—software development—70—77*

Lares Research—dental equipment—108—125*

Lifetouch Nation School Studios—photography—80/440—150/500*

Norfield Industries—wood machinery and tools—69—100*

Transfer Flow, Inc.—fuel systems—90—50

United HealthCare—health/insurance/claims processing—270—90

This is not to mention the firms that have gone out of business since 1999, among them: Fleetwood Motor Homes (which employed 525 people), Feather River Wood & Glass (160), Mike’s Mobile Windshield, Mountain Impact Sports and Montgomery Ward (55).

* Number of employees rose.