Our Revolution

For decades, crate diggers and record labels have uncovered records and artists that’d fallen through the cracks, and rescued them from obscurity. In 2012 British music archeologists Finders Keepers Records (who’ve released many great, lost collections) dug up a load of early-1970s, stoned and testosteroned rock from Manchester, England. Earlier this year, Numero Group released the excellent Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles, which shed a light into Midwestern garages and their mustachioed, riff-hungry inhabitants. And four decades after “Rog” (Roger Lomas) and “Pip” (Philip Whitcher) released a stack of singles that were heard by next to no one outside of Coventry, England, Rise Above Records has re-released the collection of glammed-out, power-popped, proto-metal nugs under the title Our Revolution. “Rock With Me” shuffles along in the platformed boots of Slade. “Why Do You Treat Me Like That” reeks sweetly of Free. And the bassline on “Hot Rodder” slithers as sleazily as Gene Simmons’ tongue. If this sounds like your thing, that’s because it is. The feel-good hit of the summer.