Operation goat-redemption

Farm Sanctuary rescues an abused goat

Photo courtesy of farm sanctuary

A terribly emaciated goat rescued recently by Farm Sanctuary is receiving care at the organization’s Glenn County facility.

Merced County Animal Control seized the goat about a month ago, after a good Samaritan reported seeing it in a deplorable condition. Responding officers found the female goat starving and in medical distress. Weeks later, she was transported to the Orland shelter.

Sanctuary officials report that despite the goat’s weakened state, which includes a severely low red-blood-cell count, she is eating heartily. Named Coco, in honor of FS supporter Coco Hall, the goat (pictured) is on antibiotics for jaw and udder abscesses, the latter of which likely will require surgery. Meanwhile, Merced authorities are investigating this case of animal cruelty.

In a press release, Leanne Cronquist, director of the shelter, expressed sadness about Coco’s treatment: “Cruelty cases involving goats are especially heartbreaking because they are such naturally social animals who love to run and play with other goats.”