Old 97’s

Drag It Up

There are two kinds of people in this world—those who love Old 97’s and those who have never listened to Old 97’s. It’s that simple. For the past decade the band has amassed a devoted core of fans through solid live performances and some damn fine recordings. In that time the Dallas quartet has effortlessly tested the musical waters of outlaw country, punk rock and radio-friendly pop—cemented by singer Rhett Miller’s wry lyrics of love lost. Drag It Up offers the eminence of past albums but does so with a bit less immediacy. “Won’t Be Home” and “Friends Forever” shuffle along in true 97’s fashion, but songs like the psychedelic “Valium Waltz” and the easygoing “Blinding Sheets of Rain” take a little longer to warm up to. However, investing time in an album has never been more rewarding.