Christine Kane

Right Outta Nowhere

Asheville, N.C., singer-songwriter Christine Kane’s singing and guitar playing are as beautiful as her looks, and her lyrics are even better! Each compelling, original song on Kane’s new CD, Right Outta Nowhere, stands strongly on its own for its message and musicianship. Her work can be whimsical: See “Four Legs Good. Two Legs Bad.,” a funny song with a Dolly Parton vibe, about an animal-loving woman whose man finally has his fill of playing second fiddle to her pets, and “Mary Catherine’s Ash Wednesday Journal Entry,” a hilarious “channeled” bonus track. More often, Kane’s songs speak comfortingly with a calm wisdom, as in the title track: “When courage finally comes/ You never see it coming/ Right outta nowhere/ You open your heart/ And that changes everything…”