Magic Slim & the Teardrops

Blue Magic

Described by many as “the last real Chicago blues band,” Magic Slim (born Morris Holt) and his Teardrops are powerhouse producers of the raw, rockin’, totally infectious, electrified Mississippi-to-Chicago blues sound. Blue Magic hits the ground rocking from song one, “I’m a Bluesman,” which also finds singer-guitarist Slim growling on occasion in his Howlin’ Wolf-style talking voice (“If you don’t play the blues/ You gotta hit that do’/ ’Cause I’m a bluesman/ Tell it everywhere I go/ [Growls:] And you know that’s right…”). How anyone could not want to hit the dance floor with this guy and his band—Michael Dotson on guitar, Danny O’Connor on bass and Allen Kirk on drums—on stage is sort of beyond me. Check out “Get Your Business Straight,” with its driving bass, wailin’ guitar and fat Slim vocals. Slim sings like thunder and plays like lightning, and he and his band rock the proverbial crap out of the blues. Producer Popa Chubby helps out on guitar, bass, drums and sampled loops on several tracks.